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Edgetech: Triple-Pane Windows With Super Spacer TriSeal Add Beauty and Efficiency to LEED-bound Project

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The new Grande Prairie Library in Alberta, Canada, opened its doors in spring 2009, boasting 37,400 square-feet of space housing state-of-the-art technology in a light-filled atmosphere. To help the project earn points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification, All-West Glass (AWG) Northern Distribution Ltd. of Prince George, Alberta, was contracted to provide the more than 300 triple-pane insulating glass (IG) units.
“Since they were looking for the ultimate in energy efficiency and sustainability we quoted triple-pane IG with argon gas filling, Low-e glass and Super Spacer® TriSeal™,” explained John McCartney, manager, sales and distribution, for AWG Northern Distribution. “This combination represents the best system available to achieve the energy performance, long-term durability and condensation resistance necessary to earn points toward LEED certification. We were awarded the bid and began work on the project in August 2008.”
In total, more than 10,000 square-feet of glass were specified for the project, which was led by Teeple Architects of Toronto, contractor Wright Construction of Saskatchewan and glazing contractor AWG Northern Distribution. To meet the deadlines and requirements of the project, AWG enlisted PFG Glass of Langley, British Columbia, to assist with IG production.
“We partnered with PFG to complete the units because of their stellar reputation for quality and their ability to produce Super Spacer TriSeal units on an automated production line,” McCartney said. “We worked closely to ensure optimal quality of the units and timely delivery.”
PFG manufactured around 300 IG units for the project, averaging about 40 square-feet each. According to Ole Nielsen, founder and CEO of PFG, some units were as large as 65 square-feet and 650 lbs.
“John McCartney visited our plant in April and thought immediately that the Grande Prairie Library project would be well suited for our automated TriSeal line,” Nielsen said. “He was right. The line had no problem with the size requirements for making the triple units.”
Additionally, AWG built 12 specialty units featuring graphic printing on the center lites of the triple-pane systems. OKALUX of Germany provided the printed glass, which adds to the aesthetic appeal and modern feeling of the library. Some units also included a dot-matrix pattern to control sun glare, and all units included argon gas, Low-e coatings and Super Spacer TriSeal.
“We use Super Spacer on every unit we manufacture that uses argon and Low-e,” McCartney said. “We have worked with Edgetech for 15 years and are confident in its overall performance.”
AWG was established in 1971 with the belief that a company could have both high-quality products and outstanding customer service. AWG has grown into one of the largest and most dynamic independent automotive, residential and commercial glass companies in Canada. The company employs 300 people and has 25 retail locations across northwest Canada. A branch of the full-service glass company, AWG Northern Distribution in Prince George, produces 700 IG units per week at its 27,000 square-foot facility.
“About 30 percent of our units are for residential use and 70 percent commercial,” McCartney said. “In general, with a growing interest in LEED and energy-efficient products, we have seen an increasing number of jobs specified with Super Spacer since we began working with Edgetech in 1994. Depending on the requirements of the project, we use both Super Spacer Standard and Super Spacer TriSeal.”
McCartney also noted he is seeing a greater number of specifications that call for triple-pane IG. “It all comes down to budget versus efficiency. Our capabilities enable us to provide a variety of solutions to best meet the needs of our customers,” he said. “When customers are looking for the ultimate in energy savings, we have found that Super Spacer TriSeal applies easily in both double- and triple-pane systems.”
The Grande Prairie Library hopes to earn LEED Gold certification and AWG has a number of upcoming projects with the same aspiration. “High-performance systems are in demand and we are happy to answer the call,” McCartney concluded.
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