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The Secretary of Shanghai World Expo Went to Xinyi Glass and Awarded Banner

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On the afternoon of July 16, Shanghai World Expo Ding Hao, Expo Center China Construction Department manager Yao Jianping and other 6 persons went to visit Dongguan Tiger Door, Xinyi glass and awarded a banner of “make up China Hall bright” to the company, on behalf of the compliments and thanks to the contribution that Xinyi Glass made in World Expo. Xinyi Glass director Li Youqing and the general manager Chen Xi attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Yang Yi, Sales Director.

in the ceremony, on behalf of Chinese people, Ding Hao thanked for Xinyi Glass providing so many high-quality glass products and helping World Expo solve the problems. Yao Jianping Explained the banner’s meaning: Xinyi Glass brought not only the high-quality energy-saving glass, but also a fresh air in innovation to World Expo.

Liyou said, 2010 Shanghai World Expo has attracted worldwide attention and the China Hall is the most popular. Xinyi Glass pays more attention to the project of wall energy-saving glass. Xinyi Glass is not only a material supplier but also the first company that establishes the first field office in China Hall. Production and sales members were always at the field office and discussed with the relevant project workers. With the help of China Hall Project Department, Shanghai Construction Industry, PFT consulting company and other companies, Xinyi Glass came over many difficulties and realized two: “super”

First, super size. The size of ordinary energy-saving architectural glass is only 3m, while Xinyi Glass over 4m, nearly reaching the limit of global advanced equipments.

Second, super combination. The glass provided by Xinyi Glass had many kinds, such as laminated glass, hollow glass, Low-E glass, tempered glass, semi-tempered glass and so on. At the same time, these kinds glasses mixed each other, which made energy-saving glass held more diverse performances. This technology was also the unique in Xinyi Glass’s history.

Meanwhile, Mr. Li gave special thanks to China Hall leaders for their consideration that gave Xinyi Glass encouragement and confidence.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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