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Homogenization status of kiln

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Most glass furnace design service factories reflect that homogenization is the key process affecting product quality. At present, the homogenization process is basically in a state of "congenital deficiency and acquired disorder". It is difficult to maintain the uniformity of the mixed batch after it enters the kiln, which leads to the uneven composition. The heat permeability of molten glass and the heat dissipation around the kiln cause uneven temperature.

It is obviously not satisfied to homogenize the glass furnace construction only by natural diffusion. Therefore, compulsory homogenization measures must be taken. At present, the effective measures are: low bubbling in the pool (especially for dark materials), stirring in the material channel, discharging the working material or the bottom of the material channel (with leakage holes) and electric heating in the material channel. When adopting the stirring measures, attention should be paid to the insertion depth of the stirrer at the stirring point and the stirring process, otherwise the ideal effect will not be obtained. The material of the domestic stirrer is an urgent problem to be solved. The surface liquid flow can not only strengthen the transverse flow to improve the temperature uniformity, but also pull away the dirt and crust on the liquid surface. Don't cause too much heat loss, and the discharge can be continuous or intermittent. Electric heating can obviously improve the temperature uniformity in the depth direction of the chute pool, but the temperature distribution in the horizontal plane may not always improve.

The shape of electrode, the determination of glass resistance between electric bases and the methods of electrode adjustment, installation and maintenance are the problems that should be paid attention to when heating is used. While taking compulsory homogenization measures, we should still give full play to the role of natural diffusion. Therefore, in the design, we should carefully consider the size of the working part, the length of the feeding channel and the construction price of the glass furnace.

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