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Guang’an Huibo Glass: Hui-Cheng Technical Art Project was Fired into Production

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On the morning of July 18, Guang’an Qianfeng Industrial Garden was beaming with a happy festival atmosphere with colorful banners and deafening gongs and drums,here the Guang’an Huibo Glass Hui-cheng Branch was holding the fire-production ceremony of Hui-Cheng Technical Art Project. The Party Secretary Wang Jianjun, Vice Party Secretary and the Major Hou Xiaochun and other people sent congratulatory telegram.

Recent years, Guang'an District Government comprehensively implemented the scientific development concept and unswervingly implemented the industrial strategy of strong district. Industrial development had made gratifying achievements Huibo Glass Hui-Cheng Technical Art Project was one of key industry projects. When meeting the financial crisis, the director Mrs Zhang of Guang’an Huibo Glass Industry Co., Ltd decided to invest 60 million yuan to establish Huicheng Technical Art Glass Co., Ltd. in Oct. 2008 and introduced the most advanced Three-channel regenerative horseshoe flame furnace technology, set up glass handicrafts & high-grade crystal glass bottle production lines.

During its building process, the project got the specific guides and supports of the leaders and relevant departments. After more than 200 days of intense construction, completion of the plant construction and equipment installation had been finished.

That the project was completed and put into operation marked another key project get a complete success. This project not only filled the blank in the High-grade architectural glass materials area, but also achieved an annual production value of more than 100 million yuan and profits and taxes of over 10 million yuan and resolved over 200 people’s jobs.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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