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Panel Industry: Economic Recovers Quickly

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According to Displaysearch’s investment, SCP invested by Corning, South Korea and Samsung took a large share in glass panel market, over 50%. Xu Zuidun thought that the glass supply would be tight again; Corning was trying its best to meet the customers’needs.

He said, “We are glad to see that Taiwan Glass panel manufacturers pay more attention on Chinese Market.”

As for Taiwan Panel industry, it was difficult to carry on. The Taiwan manufacturers were good at producing panels and promoting to low down the price and cost. But LCD industry was unpredictable, so it was a challenge for all of us. He added.

He said, LCD market recovered earlier than expected. No one expected this situation. Corning expected the shipments of glass panel in Q3 were the same as that in Q2. Recently, the panel market was bright.

The policy of appliances goes to the countryside and assistance to change new TV, the demand of LCD and glass panel in mainland was climbing up quickly. Xu Zuidun pointed out that if Taiwan panel manufacturers cooperated with mainland manufacturers, it was easy to create a win-win situation.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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