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Landglass Shines On The Bank Of Nile

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In order to better explore Egyptian and African markets, Landglass participated in the Glass Egypt 2009 from Jun. 25 to Jun. 28. During the four days, Landglass not only made acquaintance of many new customers, but also successfully showed Landglass` enterprise image, that is, technically leading and enterprising!
In recent years, Egypt is gradually increasing its investment in infrastructure construction and industrial construction, and its demand of glass products is prosperous. By far, Egypt has built 2 production lines of float glass, and another one will be put into production at the end of this year. After the financial crisis impacting the whole world broke out, Egyptian government issued a series of economic expansion policies, which increased the demands of glass and glass processing machinery to some degree. Furthermore, Egypt is located in the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe, thus its economic radiation power to the Middle East surrounding countries is strong and its market capacity and potential is large. Therefore, thinking highly of the glass markets in Egypt and Middle East, the world famous glass manufacturers and glass equipment factories all very cherished this opportunity of exchange over this glass exhibition. The number of participators increased by 29% over the previous session, and the exhibition area was larger than last year to some extent.
In Egypt and Middle East, automotive is the major means of transportation, and its possession rate per capita is very high and the demand of automotive window glass is high correspondingly. Therefore, compared with other kinds of tempering equipment, the number of clients inquiring about the tempering equipment for high-grade automotive glass increased obviously. According to the market demand of tempering equipment for high-grade automotive glass, our sales staff recommended the jet continuous bending and heating furnace and introduced its advantages to the customers. That is, the jet continuous bending and heating furnace well combines the jet heating advantage and continuous bending efficiency, which enables high production efficiency and good product quality; moreover, our single and double curvature bi-direction tempering equipment may realize both the tempering of single curvature side window glass and the tempering of double curvature wind screen on one tempering equipment, which greatly reduces the user’s general investment in equipment. This further stimulates the customers’ great interest, and it is very popular with the local customers.

Source: Landglass Author: shangyi

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