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Top venues forced to use plastic containers instead of glasses

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GLASSES have been banned at some of Melbourne's top nightclubs to try to reduce injuries from booze-fuelled violence.

Shatterproof containers have been introduced at nightclubs, including Showgirls Bar 20, QBH and Goldfingers under the Brumby Government crackdown.

Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson said the ban affected venues with a history of violence.

"To date, the Director of Liquor Licensing has not imposed a blanket condition on all liquor licences that plastic or shatterproof glasses must be used," he said.

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"She has imposed it as a condition on individual venues, including QBH, on a needs basis when there is evidence of alcohol-related crime and violence."

Mr Robinson said venues that breached the ban on glasses could face further disciplinary action, including a ban on bottled beer and wine.

The crackdown has also seen a ban on the sale of full bottles of spirits at BLVD Bar in Southbank, Seven Nightclub, QBH, Partyworld and the Amber Lounge on Lonsdale St.

Amber has had at least 20 alleged incidents of stabbings, brawls, street riots, glassings and licence breaches since 2006.

The Director of Liquor Licensing Sue Maclellan has also banned Toss The Boss events - where patrons toss coins to decide who pays - at Cho Gao and Casey's nightclub.

Last month, Crown casino removed its $35 super cocktails - which contained four shots of alcohol - after complaints from the Liquor Licensing board.

Ms Maclellan also wrote to the Tramp Bar, in King St, to complain about its "world famous titty jugs" drinks promotion.

She said it was not in the public interest.

The nightclub advertises its titty jugs as enough to "satisfy six thirsty kids or one junkie camel".

This month's special at Tramp Bar, The Vincent, contains a double dose of absinthe stirred with Chambord liqueur, orange vodka, cranberry juice and lime.

The crackdown on glasses follows a campaign by the Herald Sun.

Earlier this year, QBH owner Bruce Mathieson was put on notice by the State Government after a riot outside the venue was caught on CCTV.

Two young men have been bashed to death outside the nightclub in the past two years. The spike in late-night glassing injuries has seen the city's top cops warn that all glass should be banned from use in pubs and clubs after 11pm.

New police Deputy Commissioner Ken Jones last week blamed dance clubs and bars for glamorising drunkenness and the consumption of hard liquor. He said it was up to Victoria's entertainment industry to prove to parents that venues were safe for their children to attend.

Mr Robinson supported stricter controls on nightclubs, but also urged patrons to understand that violent behaviour would not be tolerated.

"It's not acceptable to go out to a nightclub, get drunk and shove a glass into someone's face," he said.

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