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Henan Province: Promote Energy-saving Architectural Glass Film

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Henan Province held the meeting to promote energy-saving door and glass curtain wall and glass film, reducing architectural consumption.
Architectural glass film can keep out 50%~80% heat. The temperature is 5℃ lower indoor than outdoor in summer. In summer, it keeps off heat; while in winter, it keeps heat.

Guo Fengchun, Deputy Director of urban and rural construction, said, window took the role of creating good lighting and ventilation environment, “under different temperatures, non-energy saving window and glass materials will be curved, the glass will be globoid, reducing the performance of windows and doors. He suggested, the owner could consider using architectural glass film in family indoor decoration. The money used to buy this new type film could be back after two years, because this new type film could save the money used in lowing the temperature and keeping heat.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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