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Reportlinker Adds Current Development of China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry: Major Trends and Key Companies

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China, which in the past used foreign investments to build up industries, has relied on students returning from abroad with large professional networks, local government funding, and capital from international financial markets to create a globally oriented solar photovoltaic industry base. This report examines historic and current development of China's solar photovoltaic industry, explores major industry trends, and analyzes key companies in the industry.

Table of Content

1. China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Scale

2. Development Phases of China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry

2.1 Initial Development Phase (mid-1950s to late 1970s)

2.2 Early Growth Phase (early 1980s to early 2000s)

2.3 Rapid Growth Phase (mid-2000s to 2009)

3. Current Status of China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry

3.1 Geographical Distribution

3.1.1 Industry Mainly Concentrated in Eastern China

3.1.2 Industry Clusters Spreading to Central and Western China

3.2 Industry Structure Characterized by Strong Role of Midstream Companies

3.2.1 Upstream Silicon and Wafer Industry

3.2.2 Midstream Cell and Module Industry

3.2.3 Downstream Application System Industry

MIC Perspective


List of Topics

1. Historical development of China's solar photovoltaic industry, including growth factors and the role of the Chinese government in building the industry

2. China's solar photovoltaic industry production volume, including solar cells / modules

3. Geographical distribution of the industry within China

4. Status of up-, mid- and downstream industry segments

5. Key companies active in China's industry, including their capital funding and vertical integration efforts

6. Complete list of companies appearing in the report, including their English and Chinese names

7. Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:Aide Solar Energy Technology, Apolight Hightech, Astronergy, Beijing Changri New Energy Science & Technology, Beijing Shihua Innovation Technology, Beijing Tian Neng Ying Li New Energy Technology, Best Solar Co, Bluesun Solar Energy, Boxin Solar Company, CG Solar, CGT, Changzhou Eging Photovoltaic Technology, Chaori Solar Energy Science&Technology, China Silicon Corporation, China Solar Energy, China Sunergy, Chinaseasun (Beijing) New Energy Power Project Co, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, Chinese Renewable Energy Society, CN Solar Technology, CSG Holding, CSI, DAQO Group, Emei Semiconductor, Eoplly New Energy Technology, Ganneng, GCL (Jiangsu Zhongneng), Glory Silicon, Golden Sunshine, Guolu Solar Energy Science and Technology, Harbin Keluola Solar Energy Electric Co, Hebei Jinglong, Hebei Zhengyuan Kaixin New Energy S&T Co, Heilongjiang Hanker New Energy Company, Hope Solar New Energy, Huachang Photovoltaic Technology, Huantai Silicon, JA Solar, Jetion, Jiangsu Dengtai, Jiangsu Sunshine, Jiangyin Hairun, Jiawei, Jinggong, Jinneng Solar Cell, LDK, Leshan Jiayang New Energy, Liaoning Jinhua, Luoyang Single Crystal Silicon, Nenglian Solar, Ningbo Solar Electric Power, Ningxia Shizuishan, Polar Photovoltaics, QS Solar, Quoncion, Renesola, Sanjing Silicon Refining, Shandong Sunvim Solar Technology, Shanghai Electric, Shanghai S&T, Shanghai Suntech, Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy, Shenzhen Sumoncle Solar, Shenzhou New Energy Development Company, Shunda, Solarfun, Solargiga Energy, Solargiga Energy, Sun Oasis, Sunrise Solartech, Suntech Power, Sysuns, the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianwei Baobian, TKT Power, Tongyong Potovoltaic Energy, Topray, Trina Solar, Trony, Wanxiang Silicon-Peak Electronics, Wanxiang Solar, Weihai China Glass Solar, Xiangshan Jingbolong Optoelectronics, Xinao, Xinguang Silicon Technology, Xinxiang Limit Power Co, Yingli Solar, Yongxiang Polysilicon, Yuanchang, Yuhui Solar Energy Source, Yunnan Semiconductor Appliance Plant, Yunnan Tianda Photovoltaic Co, Zhejiang Sino-Italian Photovoltaic. Co., Ltd (SIPV), Zhongsheng

List of Tables

Table 1 Historical Development of China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry

Table 2 Key Companies in China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry, 2009

Table 3 Vertical Integration of Major Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Companies, 2009

List of Figures

Figure 1 China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Production Scale, 2006 - 2010

Figure 2 China Solar Photovoltaic Accumulated Device Scale, 1976 - 2007

Figure 3 China Solar Cell / Module Production Volume, 2006 - 2009

Figure 4 Capital Raised in Overseas Stock Markets by Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Companies, 2006 - 2008

Figure 5 Types of Silicon Companies in China, 2009

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