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June 2009 Large-area TFT-LCD Panel Shipments at Record High

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Seoul (Korea Newswire) July 23, 2009 09:35 AM -- Displaybank, a global authority in market research and consulting for the display and solar industries, today announced that June 2009 Large-area TFT-LCD panel shipments were at 46.87 million units which was the largest record for monthly shipments followed by previous month. These and other findings are disclosed in Displaybank’s newly updated Monthly Large-area TFT-LCD Panel Shipment Data Report, which covers Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel shipments on a monthly basis.

The TFT-LCD shipments that were at its lowest point in January 2009 with 23.74 million units grew 97% in only 5 months to show sharp recovery trend with “V” shape.

Monitor panels recovered to the positive growth mark Y-o-Y such that shipments for all applications showed positive growth Y-o-Y. LCD TV panel shipments are leading the sharp increasing trend which rose 54.0% Y/Y. Among all large-area panel shipments, LCD TV panel comprised approximately 27% and 55% in terms of revenue.

Looking at Market Share by maker in terms of revenue, Samsung Electronics maintains No.1 ranking with 27% M/S followed by 24% M/S of LG Display. AUO is ranked in No.3 with 16.0%. Combined Market Share of Korea-based makers were about 52% that sharply increased from June 2008 that was at 44%.

In terms of shipments size, LG Display maintained No.1 ranking with 24% M/S followed by Samsung Electronics with narrow margin in No.2 ranking. Two Korea-based makers that began mass production in 8G line this year exceeded 10 million per month in shipments for the first time in April 2009 and have again exceeded 11 million unit shipments per month after 2 months period.

As the demands from both China and North American markets continuously grow and as panel makers underwent difficulties in securing some parts supply that “tight” panel supply & demand situation have continued this month. Especially as there are makers that are undergoing difficulties in glass supply which led low level of utilization in 5G and 6G line than anticipated, Displaybank expects the panel shortage would continue for the time being.

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