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ERDOS uses quartz sand to develop special industry

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In the process of "second pioneering", Zhungeer Economic Development Zone took the advantage of transforming, developing, processing and using "Coal", "Soil", “Stone", "Sand" recourses to develop special industries.

With quality hardware, anti-wear, high transmittance and anti-corrosion properties, quartz sand is widely used in glass production, fireproof materials, grinding materials and founding. Around the development zone, quartz sand is rich. The proven recoverable reserve is amounted to 10 million tons. In future, the develop zone will actively introduce quartz sand processing enterprises depending on quartz sand resource, and go on supporting Jinhua Glass Co., Ltd, realizing the whole development of quartz sand in the end.

Recently, under the support of the government, the development zone always insists on construction and investment projects, industrial development as the core, and focus on urban construction. At the same time, it greatly develops agricultural development and urban infrastructure construction besides using  "Coal", "Soil", “Stone", "Sand" recourses to develop economy.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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