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Fangyuan Tempered Glass: strive for survival on the basis of equality

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Bred in the cradle of the market economy, Fangyuan Glass Co., Ltd grows freely and healthily. They always regard adjust and control of government as direction, catch the opportunity, actively responding to market competition. They establish a foothold in the glass production and sale industry, becoming a considerable strength glass-processing base in North Henan.

Fangyuan Glass was founded in 2004 with an area of 2000㎡, and owns a Highly skilled, experienced professional services team. Now it has 3.2 million yuan in fixed assets. Fangyuan Glass has owned many partners by independent innovation, developing foreign market and technology. At present, Fangyuan Glass carries the national standard. Tempered glass has passed the National Compulsory Product Certification and hollow glass has received the reports award by national Quality Supervision Center.

By strict organizational structure, strict quality management, Fangyuan Glass has aroused extensive attention and established a good reputation. Recently, Fangyuan Glass will provide solar tempered glass for Henan New energy PV Co., Ltd.

The principal of the company said that our company would enlarging the factory to 4000㎡. Fangyuan Glass will introduce foreign investment and develop foreign markets.

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