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Kazakhstan: Call for investigating Glass Containers imported from China and Russia

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It was reported by Kazakhstan media that the only glass container production factory-SAF Glassware Company called for investigating glass containers imported from China and Russia, restricting the imports and sticking up for domestic enterprises’ profits.

The director of this company said domestic companies lost their market shares due to a large number of foreign cheep imports. Now the company was in a bad condition and had reduced the production scale, cut off part employees. If the company wants to go on producing, it needs to apply preferential policies including canceling energy and municipal costs, reducing the relevant tax. Because glass bottles imported from China and Russia have less cost, the company in Kazakhstan must lower the price under cost price to compete with the imported glass bottles. It was impossible. If there is no price impact, the production of SAF will be raised.

SAF said that its operating rate was only 45%. The highest factory operating rate reached only 74% before. Its capability of production can fully meet 60% of the market demand of domestic bottles, cans and other products.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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