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Fuyao Glass Orders Saturation, Good Economic Momentum

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Fuyao Glass Group Company benefits from the strong demand of automatic glass and overseas export business. Only seeing from the operation situation of Hainan Float Glass Production Line, the economy still shows good momentum, except the architectural glass market appear s unexpected sharp rebound.

In 2009, the global economy went into recession; European and USA companies closed a large number of plants, so Fuyao Glass became the main beneficiary. With the aggravation of the market competition and decline of single product sales, the mode of “small number, large species” occupies the market. However it is difficult for the overseas competitors to adapt to this change. In the future, Fuyao Glass’s advantages will be more reflected.

Glass orders in July and August are saturated; the economic momentum is still good. We expected that the level of sales margin would still remained broadly stable.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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