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Fenzi brings innovation to Vitrum 2009

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The Fenzi Group, a chemical leader for secondary processing of flat glass, will showcase several innovations at Vitrum 2009.

In the stand dedicated to Glass Alliance, an international network to which the group belongs and that produces and distributes worldwide everything necessary for industrial production of insulating glass units, trade professionals can take a close-up view of stateof-the-art products in terms of quality and reliability.

Fenzi’s own investments in research and innovation, distinguishing features of the group’s activities, have led to the development of new products combining excellent performance with environmental protection. Focusing on the potential of solar energy, the company has created the new division Fenzi Solar Coatings. This undertaking has resulted in Solarlux, the new complete line of paints for solar mirrors designed to offer both energy efficiency as well as high resistance.

Designed to make the most out of new technologies for solar thermal plants, this new line of paints meets the highest durability and resistance standards. The Solarlux paints guarantee excellent chemical resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, top performance under thermal and environmental stress and outstanding abrasion resistance. This new Fenzi product has such innovative characteristics that the specific tests required new reference parameters, which Fenzi obtained in collaboration with the industry leaders.

These new tests measure the chemical-physical performance of Solarlux in a variety of critical stress situations, validating the breakthrough technology used in its design and production.

An additional demonstration of the company’s commitment to energy savings and environmental protection is the international success scored by Thiover. Using Fenzi’s polysulphur sealants specifically formulated for manufacturing insulating glass units, builders can obtain LEED® points and certify the buildings according to the standards of the American Green building rating system. In fact, Thiover sealants provide outstanding performance for insulating glass units. They are completely non-hazardous and solventfree, with excellent mechanical properties and extremely low water and gas permeability.

The Fenzi group has always been committed to the quest for new solutions to facilitate the use of its products. In fact, the new Fenzi Group site dedicated entirely to the Aquaglass line of one-component, water-based decorative paints, part of the Decover product range, is now up and running. The Tribiano group thus offers its customers direct access to the formulas so they can be completely certain to obtain the desired RAL coloration. They can just enter their username and password, issued by the company at the time of purchase, on the site

Research, product quality, customer focus and environmental protection are the ingredients that make the Fenzi group a company ready to cater to any market demand.

The innovative coloration for Butylver, a solvent-free one-component sealant suited for internal insulation (first barrier) of insulating glass units, is another step forward in this direction. This Fenzi sealant, characterized by minimum water vapor and gas permeability, high aging resistance, outstanding adhesive properties on glass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, will be available on the market in grey as well. The availability of different colors makes this particular sealant a perfect solution for the aesthetic needs of architects and designers.

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