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Taiwan Glass: Increased the Expansion of the Mainland Energy-saving Glass

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Taiwan Glass increased the expansion of the mainland energy-saving glass. It would set up a Low-E Coated glass production line in Chengdu, Tianjin and Huanan and these lines would be finished and put into production one by one after the Q4 next year.

Taiwan Glass Group planned to invest 3,800 million dollars  in Low-E coated glass production line. The total investment amount would reach 114 million U.S. dollars. It was estimated that the capacity of coated glass production would increase 7,200 ㎡. Besides, the Board of Directors also decided August 16 as “divide except authority day” and on that day, Taiwan Glass would allocate 0.2 yuan cash dividend and 0.3 yuan stock dividend.

Taiwan Glass Group started its business from float glass. Now it is one of the ten largest manufacturers in the world. At the same time, it is also the important supplier of fiberglass cloth and fiberglass yarn in cross-strait and has a close relationship with PCB industry.

Last year, shocked by the global IT industry collapse, Taiwan Glass factories in mainland took a loss. But fortunately, recently the IT industry had appeared the signal of recovery. The market estimated that Taiwan Glass would walk out of the bottom and also pushed up the shares. Yesterday, Taiwan Glass rose 0.05 yuan.

The director of Taiwan Glass Group, Lin Boshi said that energy-saving and energy-producing ( Solar glass)  was the tendency in the future. Solar glass needed more investment but also had high profits.

Taiwan Glass Group had three energy-saving glass processing factories representatively in Middle of Taiwan, Kunshan and Chengdu in mainland. Because energy-saving glass was relative with building industry, it was paid more and more attention. Lin Boshi said China's production capacity was in short supply, companies had to line up to buy. After Q2 this year, the mainland housing market was warming up obviously, which was a key factor for Taiwan Glass to increase the expansion of the mainland energy-saving glass.

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