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National standard: Technology Crystal Decoration has been qualified

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The national daily-use glass standard technology , the 2nd meeting of  committee technology crystal branch committee was held in Zhejiang Arts Crystal Jewelry Co., Ltd. on July 20, 2009.

The meeting listened to the report of work situation and the next half year’s plan by the sub-committee.

According to national standard committee’s some rules, the meeting set up a team of Technology Crystal Decoration made up of 13 persons. They amended some rules and provided following amendments:

1. in the foreword, add the standard of lead, cadmium content;

2. standard classification 4, add 4.3 term: by the different quality, products can be divided into A-grade, B grade, C grade;

3. standard classification 5, , the quality of appearance, physical properties, size deviation was qualified by 4.3 term, divided into A-grade, B grade, C grade;

4. physical property: add two indexes- cast jewelry and color stability;
refractive index bias: A grade standard value ± 0.03, B grade standard value ± 0.05, C grade standard value ± 0.08;

5. Test methods 6.5: specific requirements for test methods of hazardous material content; add 6.6-color stability test methods and conditions.

The amendments of Technology Crystal Decoration was qualified by the national standard committee. It would pass some related reviews and be carried out as soon as possible.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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