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Development of Fireproof Glass Industry

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Fireproof is very important in building safety design. So fireproof glass is widely used in construction. The advantages of fireproof glass are as followed: 1. lighter than traditional wall and enlarge effective use space; 2. the progress of construction is faster and easier to ensure the quality; 3. enhance the architectural aesthetic felling and lighting effect.

Some in the industry estimated,  as China had most high-rise buildings in the word, what’s more, influenced by CCTV fire accident and the large glass demand, the fireproof glass products would raise quickly during future 5~10 years. In 2010, the demand of fireproof glass would reach one million square meters, twice more than 2008.

Fireproof glass industry in developed country is mature. The famous foreign suppliers are UK Pilkington, France Saint-Gobain, Japan AGC. Though foreign fireproof glass has good quality, the price is too expansive, only taking up 20% share; Guangdong Golden Glass Technology Co., Ltd. occupied more than half of domestic market share thanks to c high-strength monolithi cesium K fireproof glass; insulated fireproof glass made by Beijing Feng Green and Monolithic fireproof glass made by Shanghai Lvyuan were also widely used in domestic market. The domestic fireproof glass market distribution could be seen in the following picture.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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