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China Glass Network: 09 Summer Anji Travel

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This summer, the temperature was rising in Hangzhou. China Glass Network organized this activity-summer Anji Travel in order to let us feel the great nature together.

Let us start!

at 8:30, on the morning of August 1, we started from our company on time. After nearly a two-hour drive, we arrived in the beautiful bamboo hometown-Anji. After having a short rest, we went toward the first goal-Central South Baicai Park where we had our the first delicious lunch. Central South Baicai Park is a Tourism Scenic Spot marked AAAA. It is a good place to get close to the nature. The original eco-dance, Animal performance, Horse Fight…

Horses Fight

We are dancing together.

On the second day, our destination was Hidden Dragon Hundred Falls and Shima Bay Driftage. There were many bamboos and falls surrounding the road, when we went to the Hidden Dragon Hundred Falls. It really liked as Xanadu.

Hidden Dragon Hundred Falls

After lunch, we went to the last goal in this travel- Shima Bay Driftage. Driftage needed team spirit of cooperation and collaboration awareness, which was also the important aim for this summer travel.

All the staff

Excellent customer service team

In this Anji Two-day Travel, the whole employees in China Glass Network got close to the nature, appreciating the beauty of the nature. Then we will take much more passion into the next work.

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