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Green Construction Code Could Increase Energy Efficiency, Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Buildings consume approximately 40 percent of energy used and produce about the same amount of the nation's carbon emissions, so finding ways to increase energy efficiency has become top priority for many with ties to the commercial glazing industry.

The International Green Construction Code (IgCC) initiative, launched by the International Code Council (ICC) is just one opportunity designed to help reduce energy usage and the carbon footprint of commercial buildings. Titled "IgCC: Safe and Sustainable By the Book," the initiative is focused on developing a model code for new and existing commercial buildings.

"We believe the time has come for us to develop a code that will stand as a useful and credible regulatory framework for creating a greener commercial building stock," said Code Council chief executive officer Richard P. Weiland. "We applaud and plan to utilize the good work of those who have developed systems, guidelines and standards to address green buildings."

Some glass industry organizations say the ICC's move to develop a green code is a positive step for seeing an increased use in energy-efficient glass.

"As the move toward energy-efficient green technologies continues with efforts such as this ICC green codes initiative, the opportunities for increased glass usage in construction will only expand," says Stanley Yee, chairman of the GANA: Energy Committee. "We will continue to drive these opportunities through our own committee and look forward to providing the world with a better daylighting, energy efficient experience in the future."

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