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York Water-based Glass Coating: Walk into the New Industry Area

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York water-based glass coating is a popular material in the market and has been widely used. When being used, oil-based glass coating needs to add over 50% organic solvents, while water-based glass coating only needs to add water solvent. So water-based glass coating has the advantages of green, energy-saving and safety and it is developed quickly all over the world.

Recent years, water-based solvents are more and more popular. More and more new types have been developed. The original solvent-based paint has slowly been replaced by water-based coatings. At present, the quality requirements become more strict. The product quality is the most important thing for a company’s development. At the same time, reducing the hazards to human and ecological damage to the environment and reducing production costs and investment expenditure are the main direction the enterprises will develop follow in future.

Guangzhou York Coating Co., Ltd is a hi-tech company with R&D, production and sales of new type environmental materials. On the base of introduce Canada advanced technology, the company successfully developed water-based environmental coating with high-gloss, high hardness and high adhesion. York Coating has taken off rapidly in the environmental coating area with professional standards and mature technologies.

Main products: water-based glass coating, water-based ceramics coating, water-based mental coating, water-based aluminum coating, water-based plating gloss oil, water-based effective coating and so on. The products have many features including high-quality, low-cost, non-toxic and environmental protection. What’s more, its products have been qualified with SGS certification, European toy safety standard EN71 Part3-1994 (revised edition A1: 2000/AC: 2002) and U.S. food & drug standard. The products are specially suit for exporters and hi-tech market customers’requirement.

Through our safety, health and environmental protection government system, we will continue to maintain world-class, sustainable development, safety, health and environmental standards, creating the best performance.

Company name: Guangzhou York Coating Co., Ltd
Address: Zhong country, Fanyu District, Guangzhou City(511430)
Contact person: Kang Xiongbiao(Manager)
Tel: +86-02-288663363
Tax: +86-02-288663383
Mail: Website: http://yorkcoating.glass.com.cn/a

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