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Shenzhen Enterprises Promoted Hi-end Building Energy-saving Glass

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On August 6, at the Residential energy-saving strategies and energy-saving glass Cooperation Forum news conference, South Glass Group displayed its new energy-saving Low-E insulating glass researched and developed by itself independently. Its energy-saving Low-E insulating glass attracted many well-known real estate developers and design institute’s attention, including Wanke, Jindi and Zhaoshang. Land agents and energy-saving experts thought that the industrialization of "energy saving house" in China had a broad prospect. Energy-saving glass would become the main new industry in building energy-saving materials.


Some famous real estate developers in Shenzhen spoke highly of the products promoted by South Glass. They said that Low-e energy-saving insulating glass represented of the high-end level of building energy-saving in China now. this kind insulating glass could not only reflected the heat carried by infrared ray, but also let visible light go through in a certain degree, which was the main content that developed countries promoted. This kind glass had broad market prospects.


Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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