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Low-E Glass is popular in glass industry in Zhejiang Province

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Low-E Glass is popular in glass industry in Zhejiang Province

Since starting producing on May 15, the lagerst Low-E glass production line in Zhejiang province operated well and produced 1,000,000㎡ in two weeks. The output value reached 180 million yuan.

On Aug. 1, in the plant in Linjiang Industry Park, the reporter saw that Tang Jiuhai, a customer, drove a 2 ton truck to this company and bought 150㎡ Low-E glass.

Tang said why he chose Low-E glass, because of his neighbors. His neighbor used Low-E glass produced by Zhejiang ZhongliLEYBOLD Coated Glass Co., Ltd. to decorate his new house. and he found many advantages by using this glass. Low-e glass had good insulation performance and radiation Performance. It could keep the temperature after turning down the air-condition. He also said: “now, farmers have good living condition. Installing Low-E glass needs higher cost, but living in it is convenient”

Zhejiang Zhongli LEYBOLD Coated Glass Co., Ltd. invested 600million yuan and introduced the 3G Magnetron sputtering coating production line from Germany LEYBOLD CO., LTD. It used high-vacuum magnetic levitation turbo molecular vacuum pump as the building basis, making sure the quality of the products. Recently the company has a tempered glass, insulating glass, color Reserve cutting, fire polishing monolithic glass, laminated glass and L0W-E glass eight production lines. Annual output of Low-E glass reaches 6million㎡ and the annual output value is more than one billion yuan.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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