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Glass industry should be cautious for resumption of production

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In March, with the property market became warm, the developers speeded up to complete the construction project, which made the demand of glass raised. Glass price also jumped up quickly on record in August. But, the reporter knew that thought 47 production lines stopped producing, the enterprises were still cautious about glass production lines back to work. It was unclear about the plan of re –producing.

Recently, cement industry expanded its production capacity, while glass industry still kept calm. Three Gorges New Materials was the only listed company who released the resume announcement.

In accordance with the incomplete statistics made by relevant trade associations, glass industry owned about 190 production lines. although a part of production line was back to work, the number were still less than 10. the recent capacity had been enough, maybe it was the reason why the enterprises chose cautious attitude to deal with the reproduction.

Take float glass as an example, the annual production capacity of float glass was 530 million weight boxes in 2008, 4500 thousand weight boxes per month. According to the data released in June 2009, the capacity of float glass had researched 4800 thousand weight boxes. So the online production line operating rate had been very high. And some stock should to be digested, the market demand could be fulfilled by the online production lines.

At present, the enterprises had felt the signal of the market becoming warm and glass sales orders were in the state of a smooth start. Thus, with further recovery of the real estate market, the production line back to work would gradually increase.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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