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Zhongda Lantian Glass: Create "High-quality Lantian Glass Brand"

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More and more enterprise buildings use glass building materials in the decoration in order to increase the indoor permeability and lighting rate and the same with Baidu Building. Baidu Building issued a bidding project in glass building materials. With its product advantages, Beijing Zhongda Lantian Glass Co., Ltd succeed to win the bid, becoming the largest supplier of Baidu Building. Recently, Baidu Building used 15+15 dual ultra-white glazed laminated glass with an area of 1500㎡. Now it has completed the overall installation of glass. This dual ultra-white glazed laminated glass is an anti-acid and high-security glass produced by screen process press printing high temperature inorganic colored glaze on the surface of glass with the processing of drying, tempering and sintering. This glass is widely used in architectural decoration industry, spicing up the enterprise buildings.

As all know, the products produced by Zhongda Lantian Glass Co., Ltd. are widely used in many enterprises. At present, a company in Yingkou Northeast has planed to use 4*19mm Lantian laminated glass.

Established in 1986, Beijing Zhongda Lantian Glass Co., Ltd is a professional glass deep-processing enterprise. The company owns the largest tempered glass production line (3 meters wide, 7.5 meters long) in the world. In 2008, the company introduced an automatic hollow production line, add 3 * 8 meters folder plastic kettle and an automatic glaze production line. The company is specialized in producing 5mm-19mm tempered glass which is qualified with 3C national product quality certification. The products have strong competitive power in the industry for strictly implementing the quality management system, using flexible market mechanism and the company's glass-processing equipments and its good business reputation.

The company continues to absorb new products, new technologies and new management model, enhance the corporate image and win initial success of “High-quality Lantian Glass Brand”.

Main products: tempered glass, hollow glass, PVB, laminated glass, ultra-white glass, fireproof glass, safety glass, coated glass, curtain wall glass, hot bending glass, furniture glass, Low-e glass, Sun-e glass, glazed glass, figured glass, glass doors and windows, screen printed glass, wired glass, decorative glass, bullet-proof glass and so on.

Company Name: Beijing Zhongda Lantian Glass Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No.623Huangxiang  Yangfang Village, Fengtai District(100070), Beijing, China
Tel :86-10-83702663
Fax :86-10-83702828
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