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Zhejiang Glass Group: Ensure the quality, try for development

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Zhejiang Engineering Glass Co., Ltd. blonged to Zhejiang Glass Group, under the premise of considerable production and considerable effectiveness, tried their best to seek for further development. The Production Department well-operated the products, reasonably arranged. The sales department connected with the customers tightly, undertaking a large number of landmarks of the large-scale engineering projects that expanded the impact of the company, improved its popularity and won enough market share. In July, the company created a new history high point, finishing the orders of 10000㎡.

Recently, it successfully undertook the order of “Hangzhou Bay Bridge platform”: 12mm tempered; LOW-E+16A+8mm Ocean Blue; +1.52PVB+10mm tempered; Composite LOW-E insulating tempered glass; thickness: 18mm; the weight of the largest single-chip: 400Kg, which has been near to the limits of hollow glass equipment capacity.

According to the requirements, the order was in emergency. The customer needed to delivery as soon as possible. “Time is effective, the requirements of customers is our goal”. The company speeded up production and various departments cooperated well.

Recently, insulating glass products were continuously transported to the site, which won good reputation.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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