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Soda ash industry Established Cleaner Production Standard

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In order to following out the "Environmental Protection Law of People's Republic of China" and "Cleaner Production Promotion Law of People's Republic of China" and protect the environment, the soda ash industry established cleaner production standard, providing technical support and guidance for soda ash manufacturers. This standard regulated soda ash production of the general requirements for clean production, besides based on being qualified national and local standards for pollutant discharge, according to the current industry technology, equipment and management level.

The standard is invited into three types. L1 is representative for international advanced level of clean production; L2 is representative for domestic advance level of clean production; L3 is representative for domestic original level of clean production. With the continuous advancement of technology and development, the standards will be amended in due course

The soda ash industry standard for clean production will be divided into five categories of indicators, that are, equipment requirements, resources, energy use indicators, indicators of pollutants generated (before the end of processing), waste recycling targets and environmental management requirements.

This standard applies to Performance Evaluation of Cleaner Production in Ammonia soda ash manufacturers and joint soda ash manufacturers and also applies to environmental impact assessment and waste discharge permit and other environmental management systems. This standard does not apply to ammonia, thermoelectric plants including baking soda, calcium chloride and other downstream products factory.

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