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Guardian Announces EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP Laminated Parabolic Mirrors

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Global glass manufacturer Guardian Industries continues to expand its line of solar glass products today with EcoGuard® Solar Boost-LP, laminated parabolic mirrors for concentrated solar power (CSP) applications, designed to provide best-in-class solar reflectivity, concentrating efficiency and durability.

Guardian’s EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP averages more than 94.5 percent solar reflectivity at AM 1.5 (ISO 9050). Similar to a car windshield, two layers of glass are laminated together with a PVB interlayer. A mirrored surface is contained within the laminate on the backside of the forward glass. The thin front glass results in a shorter transmission path and industry benchmark reflectivity performance. Guardian has years of experience in developing systems and efficiencies in such manufacturing processes.

EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP has also been extensively field tested for proven durability and validated using numerous accelerated test protocols. The combined glass and PVB layers provide superior rigidity and durability compared to traditional monolithic glass systems. The laminated construction also results in optimum damping, wind resistance and reduction of subsequent field component damage.

“EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP withstands the extreme conditions to which concentrating solar mirrors and reflector panels are subjected to today,” said Scott Thomsen, CTO and VP of Guardian’s Science & Technology Center. “Designed to withstand damage and high winds, EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP represents optimal solar performance and a valued investment for our customers. With a glass mean free path of just 3.2 mm, EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP mirrors attain an average solar transmission of 95 percent. “This results in a reduction of total cost of ownership for our customers,” said Thomsen.

A global manufacturer of high-quality glass for more than 75 years, Guardian has diverse product and technology pipelines that consistently translate into high-performance glass products for a wide range of industries. A stable, privately-held company with an international solar asset base, Guardian is well positioned to provide the solar market with superior solutions that address current and future market needs.

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