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Golden Glass: Golden fireproof glass showed off at Shanghai Port

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In this year's "11" golden weeks, the Shanghai Port International terminal with the total investment of 260 million U.S. dollars will be fully put into use. Shanghai Port International terminal is located east from Gaoyang road to west Hongkou Port, north along with Daming road and to south Huangpu river, covering an construction area of 150000㎡. The total construction area reaches 410000㎡, including underground area 245000㎡, an area of 165000㎡ on the ground with Building international passenger, international passenger and supporting commercial, office buildings and other 13 single buildings.

With the complete of this project, the project of indoor fire-resistive partition undertook by Guangdong Golden Glass is also near to be finished. This project has 20000 ㎡ fireproof glass, which use 8mm Golden Monolithic high-strength cesium K fire-resistant glass equipped with precision cold-formed steel sections and fire heat-resistant glass annex. Golden Glass has successfully carried out the project of National Stadium (Bird's Nest), National Convention Center and Capital International Airport T3 Terminal.

In 2000, Golden Glass first promoted monolithic high-strength cesium K fire-resistant glass and contributed to revise the national standard and regulation of  GB15763.1 Construction safety glass, fireproof glass, The design of high-rise building fire safety norms, which prompting the development of industry technology and laying its industry leader status on fireproof glass area. Later, Golden Glass cooperated with Beijing Technology University and researched many national patent technology, breaking the technology monopoly of the developed countries.

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