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Fuer Autoclave: No rusty, No scaling and No flaming

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Fuer innovated cooling system and control system in modern wave heating autoclave: Cooling system uses hot dip galvanized seamless steel finned tubes, accompanied by scale removal anti-scaling technology, no rusty and no scaling; control system uses optimization technology curve, one-click completes from the start to the exhaust end with high degree of automation, to avoid an uneven level of operator influence on product quality. Practical and technical means enable an autoclave steam not to catch fire without air.

Fuer Infrared Autoclave Co., Ltd. is specialized in researching and developing key equipment autoclaves for laminated glass production lines to manufacture flat/bending architectural glass, automotive glass , bulletproof glass etc. it is the first company to create natural cycle structure ZL200520110038 in the world and use natural circulation modern MWIR autoclave by modern wave heating technology, resolving the problem between autoclave energy conservation and cycle temperature regulation. The installed power of infrared autoclave is 50% less than traditional, saving 30-40% energy.

The company can manufacture many different specifications autoclaves, including DN1000*1200 (Experimental mini-autoclave), DN2500*5000, DN2650*5500 /6000, DN2850* 6500 (Glass Size2400*6600), DN3000* 8000, DN3200*8000, DN3500*8000, DN3500*12000, etc.. It also offers following glass laminating line machines: glass loading,  glass off-loading, washing and drying machine, assembly room, over-head vacuum lift, transfer unit and positioning station, pre-nip, IR preheat oven and presser, autoclave-car and PVB interlayer for laminated glass.

Company name: Fuer Infrared Autoclave Co., Ltd.
ADD: Youth Venture Development Zone, Taishan, Taian, 271000, Shandong, China
Tel: 86-0538-8489258 13792131092
Tax: 86-0538-8489258
Contact person: Wang Zhixin
Email: Website:  

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