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China's Automatic glass industry will maintain steady growth

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Influenced by the state to stimulate the impact of Auto consumption policy, annual vehicle sales are expected to maintain a 7% growth. As a result, China's automatic glass industry will maintain steady growth.

It is reported that Chinese auto market strongly recovered in the first half of this year, which directly promoted the recovery of auto parts industry including Automatic glass industry. According to some industry insiders, the leader manufacturer Fuyao Glass in Automatic Glass industry appeared first low then high later about the performance in the first half of year. The production line in Fuqing was expected to changer into automatic glass production line to enlarge the capacity of automatic glass, improving product gross margin.

Automotive glass industry is closely related to the auto industry. Fuyao glass is the largest automatic glass manufacturer in China. Its 2008 report showed that the income of automatic glass took up 70% of the total income. Cao Dewang, the Chairman of Fuyao Glass, referred that his company were trying its best to become the largest automatic glass supplier in the world. But the company didn’t have the plan to buy or rebuild new float glass production line.

In 2009, Europe and the United States competing companies Asahi Glass, Pilkington, Saint Gobain closed a large number of plants. Fuyao became the main beneficiary. At present, Fuyao Glass has 70% of  OEM market share and its export business takes up 40% of its total income. United Securities thought that with the intense competition in the global auto market and new products appeared quickly, single product sales  were on a downward trend, many varieties of small batch supporting enjoyed the market. And Fuyao Glass showed its superiority.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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