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Why Glassman Develop The CNC Vertical Drilling And Milling Machine

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With the developing of time and technology, there are more and more equipments been used in the glass processing industry, to gain survival and development a manufacture should behave more fast and the quality should be high.
What can a nice machine do for us?
1.To simplify the complex task
A nice machine can not only cope with more complex work but also achieve perfect processing results that normal machine can’t realize
For example (Pic. 1): A notch for glass door to fix in the hardware requires very high accuracy, and the following processing of each sides is very important, because the effect gives s directly impact to the following-up tempering and the breakage rate at the time of being installed.
To mill such a notch in a factory with laggard equipment would be completed by 2 or 3 machines with poor quality, high breakage rate and low efficiency. While with Glassman CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine you can finish the whole work in one machine.
2.Achieving high accuracy and efficiency
High precision can help you gain high level customers, makes your factory working in line with international standards, playing a more important role in cost and labor saving, and winning in fierce competition.
Glassman can pass through strict test. Drill four holes in the four corner on two pieces of glass with same dimension then put the two pieces together, the result is that the holes in the same position completely.
The advantages of Glassman CNC Drilling and Milling Machine
At present most of factories who process flat glass cope with the work like drilling, milling and arising, and most of them were completed by the combination of drilling machines, water jets and horizontal working center, however there are many defects whether use water jet or drilling machine, such as low speed, poor accuracy or high breakage rate. In view of these problems and combined today’s latest trend of equipment for glass processing and industry leaders’ experience, Glassman spent 7 years, developed and introduced a perfect solution, that is CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine. The sixth generation GM-BZX-VI can complete drilling, milling, arising in one step, greatly enhanced the efficiency and quality of work. Comparing with drilling machine and water jet, the GM-BZX-VI has the following advantages.
Compared with drilling machine
1.High speed: the routing speed of electric spindle in CM-BZX-VI can achieve 12000 rpm, and only takes 15 seconds to drill a hole on the glass with 8mm thickness, while ordinary drilling machine costs more than 30 seconds.
2.High precision: CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine applied French NUM, the most advanced control system in the industry control(Bavelloni also use NUM), so the precision reach ±0.1mm, can meet higher processing requirement. However ordinary drilling machine is controlled by PLC, hardly to be accurate, and therefore causes a large number of substandard production, wasting the raw material and increasing unnecessary cost.
3.Humanization of structure design: the main working area of GM-BZX-VI is closed structural so that the cooling water would not splash everywhere during processing, ensure the recycle of the coolant water, not only saving water but keeping the plant clean and the safety of workers, match the European CE standard.
4.The CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine can accomplish drilling, milling and arising in one time, rather than a ordinary drilling machine can only drill, then the glass must be transferred to other machine to finish the other works, so GM-BZX-VI significantly short the processing time, increase the efficiency, reduce damage caused by handling.
5.CM-BZX-VI essential equipment machine for a leader glass processor’s product line, since usually an automatic product line for flat glass is made up of cutting table, edging machine, washing machine, CNC vertical drilling and milling machine, tempered furnace, making a integrated product line, and this high degree of automation can not be obtained by ordinary drilling machine,
Comparing with water jet
1.Working speed: water jet cutting the glass by the carborundum which jetted by high pressure water, thus seriously affect the processing speed of the machine. While by CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine, the speed of electric spindle can hit 12000rpm, driven the diamond tool routing fast, as a result the processing speed is two or three times as the water jet.
2.Al though water jet can do milling which is better than drilling machine, but it still can arise, therefore there is another procedure before tempering, not conductive to improve efficiency.
3.Because of water jet use the high pressure water to spout the carborundum during processing, so there would be lots of residual carborundum on the surface of glass, these residual carborundum make lots of nicks on the glass when glass being washed, seriously affected the quality of glass. At the mean time, then Low-E film was damaged, so the water jet can’t process Low-E glass.
4.Restricted by the processing characteristic water jet can not cope with large glass, but large glass is very popular wherever in the field of decorative glass or architecture glass, so the CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine is more practical than water jet.
5.Most of water jet are horizontal makes it hardly to form a product line with other machines.
6.Compared with horizontal working center, vertical machine has more advantages, further more, in CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine, the force on the glass is in a reasonable direction while processing, so the glass would be broken easily, more suitable for drilling and milling.
7. Humanization of structure design: the main working area of GM-BZX-VI is closed structural, keeping the plant clean and the safety of workers, match the European CE standard. When the water jet working the speed of the jetting water may hit 100-600m/s, and the water pressure may hit 196-294mpa when cutting the glass with a lot of noisy. This high pressure water may cut off human bone easily in case of be without of protective device, and if the water flied to human eyes, the eyes might be hurt.
Comparing with horizontal working center
1.Limited by the structure, horizontal working center drills holes with single drilling bit, therefore the effect would not be ideal, so there is rarely manufacturers use horizontal working center to drill holes.
2.Took less room, save the plant space. The vertical machine took more aerial space, so it will never take so much floor space like horizontal working center.
3.Recycling the water better. The processing area of the CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine is closed structure, the coolant water generated during processing won’t spattered to everywhere and flow to the water case to be reused, realizing the purpose of recycling the water and coolant fluid, both saving the cost and keeping the plant clean.
4.Limited by the special structure like all the horizontal lathes, horizontal working center is not convenient to connect with other machines, unlike the vertical machine can connect in series with other machines to be a production line so that to save labor and time. That is a defect which horizontal CNC working center can not overcome.
5.Went without saying, CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine is very convenient to loan and unload glass, not like the horizontal working center wasting too much time on handling the glass.
Though the above comparison it is not difficult to found that among many similar equipments the CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine has outstanding feathers and advantages, therefore it is very popular by today’s flat glass processing industry, highly respected since it came out. It is also due to the complex of the technology only few companies including Glassman and several European companies. But it is well known that European equipments are very expensive, most factories can not afford that even if they are aware of advantages of the machine. Glassman now allow the realization of dreams of many factories of obtaining a CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine. After 7 years development Glassman brought out GM-BZX-VI, the sixth generation production with mature and powerful function, stable capacity, the price is only one third of similar product from Europe while no less quality, even higher than some European equipments, that because that Glassman’s quality monitoring is start from the material stage.
Adhere to select high quality steel made by large company to make the main body of the machine, heat treat then painting so the structure is strong and looks beautiful. Unique beehive internal structure meet European CE standard, never distorted even alternated hot and cold.
The high precession is comes from the machine’s advanced components:
World top control system-French NUM.
YASKAWA servo-motor made in Japan
Simens and Schneider electric parts Taiwan ABBA ball screw and slide way
Software Super CAD/CAM developed by Glassman independently.
Glassman paid attention to details, all body parts come into contact with water are stainless steel, so as the standard parts are stainless steel, all pipe fittings come from Sino-foreign joint ventures.
Keep moving forward
Providing the market with the latest and optimal solutions constantly is the Business purpose of Glassman, in future Glass will remain committed to study the status of China market, keep innovating, and provide high quality and not expensive CNC machines for China flat glass processing industry, do more contribution to the development of national industries. 
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