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Energy-saving glass walked into the citizen’s life

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If your work building is installed energy-saving glass, then without air-condition, the hot weather can’t influent you very much. Yesterday,  in Architectural Design Institute in Sichuan Province, a  promoter from Xiamen, displayed the wonders of energy-saving glass to people.

A piece of energy-saving glass looks like an ordinary glass, was put on the tester. When the UV through it, the instrument clearly shows that penetration is only 0.1%. The reporter put the glass under the sun and found that when sunlight through the glass, the hand on the other side, did not feel particularly hot. The promoter told the reporter that they put an film between two pieces of glass, by different methods, the glass can isolate 60% to 96% of solar heat radiation. If an office  is installed by this kind of glass, it can get an average saving of 30% air-conditioning energy.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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