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New standards for safety glass used in construction training and lead the industry standards to be professional development

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On August 28-30, hosted by Institute of Standardization Administration of China and supported by Zhejiang Glass Industry Association, China Glass Network, a training about new standards for safety glass used in construction was held in Zhezhijia Hotel in No.678 Shixiang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City. Zhejiang Crystal Thai Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ruibo Glass Co., Ltd., Luoyang Jingjia Fireproof Glass Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fushun Coating Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Power Holding Group attended this training.

Training courses:
1. "Laminated glass" standard. This standard specifies the classification, test methods and requirements for laminated glass,. This standard applies to laminated glass used in construction, can also refers to the use of other occasions.
2. "Tempered Glass," "Homogeneous Tempered Glass" standard. Introduce the  glass industry development prospects. the problems which certification and inspection testing organizations should pay attention to. To t homogenize the glass, tempered glass can greatly reduce the rate of self-explosion, which is the conception to promulgate national homogeneous glass standards.
3. “Fireproof Glass” standard. Establish fireproof glass used in construction, whose terms and definitions, classification and marking, materials, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, product brochures and packaging, transportation, storage and so on.
4. “Hollow Glass” Standard and Low-e laminated Glass” standard. Describe the technical requirements of hollow glass, testing methods, detection of problems and cause analysis.

This training was host by Wang Lixiang coming from National Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. in order to better the training’s effect and improve the participants’enthusiasm, during the train, the teacher added a panel discussion, increasing the interaction between students and teachers.

This training made safety glass used in construction research, testing agencies, production enterprises, design institutes, Quality, technology, R & D department and laboratory testing personnel deeply understand and correctly master theses standards.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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