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Protective Glazing Under Discussion as GANA’s Fall Conference Begins

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Protective glazing was the focus as the Glass Association of North America (GANA) opened its Fall Conference yesterday afternoon at the Embassy Suites in Kansas City, Mo., with a meeting of the Protective Glazing Manual task group held concurrently with PGC International.

The task group is making strides on completing the manual with most chapters more than 85 percent done. Among the documents to be sent out to the group for balloting was a relatively new inclusion on tornados. Valerie Block of DuPont had drafted a two-page document detailing information about tornados, including the standards that exist on building for tornado-prone areas. Much of the information was general as the group is still determining whether or not protective glazing has a place in tornado preparation.

“Minimizing flying glass is always important,” Block said. “The idea is ‘get out of the way,’ but protective glazing offers your building a certain amount of protection.”

However, as Block pointed out, “We’ll need to take a position on what is the value of protective glazing when you know the result of a direct hit is total destruction.”

The focus on protective glazing continued today with a meeting of GANA’s Fire Rated Glazing Council (FRGC). The council began by resolving the last of its edits to the chapter its Education Committee has produced for the Protective Glazing Manual and approving the document.

During the Protective Glazing Committee’s meeting this afternoon, the group heard more evidence for the need for tornado protection. Rachel Stroer with BNIM Architects spoke on “Master Planning for Greensburg, Kan.” Two years ago the town was destroyed by an EF5 tornado; in the process of rebuilding the town, the community has emphasized sustainability. (

Among the goals for the town is a focus on energy: to “promote a high level of efficiency in new construction and look to renewable options for generation.” As part of that goal, the city council adopted a resolution that all city building would be built to LEED Platinum standards and would exceed the baseline code for energy efficiency by 42 percent. Ashley Charest, account executive for GANA, pointed out that one of the association’s members had donated the glass for the 547 Arts Building, which is the first building in the town to be completed and certified.

The GANA Fall Conference continues through Thursday. Stay tuned to USGNN.com™ for further updates.

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