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UK importing recycled glass for new bottles

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British Glass, representing the UK glass industry globally, claims that nearly 10 per cent of the recycled glass used to produce new bottles in Britain last year had to be imported from abroad, according to remarks made to Packaging News by a spokesperson for the organization.

Commingled recycling, or the collecting of materials in a single bin, is cited as the major reason for the poor quality of recyclable glass in much of the UK.

Rebecca Cocking, the recycling manager at British Glass, said that much of the glass coming from commingled collection was so compacted that it couldn’t be sorted optically – even if it was clean enough to be used.

She went on to say that the less recyclable materials there is available, the more the industry has to rely on virgin material – and that it means sourcing that abroad.

Much of the glass is compacted to the extent that bottles break up, and the broken glass is suitable only for products like fiberglass – rather than in the production of new glass jars and bottles.

British Glass noted that of the 1.6 million tons of glass recycled in the UK last year, only around 651,000 tons could be used to make new glass containers. The rest was downcycled into the manufacture of other products, and nearly 63,000 tons of material had to be imported from other parts of Europe to meet UK demand for recycled glass.

Source: recycle.co.ukAuthor: shangyi

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