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South Glass will launch a new energy-saving insulating glass

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On August 28, "a registered architect in Guangdong Province Association of three secondary-cum-architectural design of the Council of Energy Summit" was held in Dongguan South Glass Green Energy Industrial Park. More than 60 people attended this meeting, including directors of Guangdong Provincial Association of Registered Architect and leaders of South Glass Group.

China South Glass Group organized this summit. This summit aimed in promoting the close communication between architects and material suppliers and creating the best building together for the people. South Glass is a leading company in China glass industry and an upstream supplier in the construction industry. They have been dedicated to the study of energy-saving glass. LOW-E glass, three silver LOW-E glass, and residential special Low-E glass produced by South Glass have many advantages such as cool in summer and warm in winter, transparent and bright. These products can save 65% energy less than the ordinary glass.

In the residential construction market, South Glass continues to launch new energy-saving insulating glass----double silver/ three silver energy-saving insulating glass after residential special Low-E glass.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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