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Luoyang Glass: Significant effect in energy-saving

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Longhao Company paid more attention on the energy-saving work. By enhancing gas furnace maintenance and adding economizer equipment, the company lowed down the cost by the greatest extent. During June and July, it was cumulated that over 400 ton coal was saved, which was worth more than 30 million yuan.

Longhao Company has operated the furnace with coal for four years. The equipments are old and the faults become more and more. As a result, the coal cost more and more. these problems brought much influence to the melting technology. In order to keep the stability of production and reduce the production cost, from June, the company began to organize the worker to examine and repair No1 NO5 float glass production line I, No.1,No.4 float glass production line II, which creates a good condition for the stability of production.

In order to solve the problem of influence made by coal-fired ultra-fine powder, they came over the fund difficult to add coal sieve device for each production line. They find a good way to solve the problem and obtained better results. Before the coal consumption was 170 ton pet day, now only 163 ton per day.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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