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Automotive Glass Market Situation Analysis

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Automotive Glass is the important part for cars, taking up 3% of the car’s total quality. Automotive glass is mainly used in new car manufacturer market and maintenance market. So the demand of automotive glass is closely related to the demand of cars sales. With the rapid development of Chinese car industry, the market demand for China automotive glass industry are increased at a rate of 19%. Although in 2008, the total sales of Chinese cars ware 9380000, growth rate dropped to 6.8%. From a global perspective, the car market was one of several markets that maintained growing. Influenced by the car industry market demand, the automotive glass industry’s growth was still declined. However, the steady growth of car industry provided a large develop space for Automotive Glass Aftermarket. In 2008, automotive glass market scale in China reached nearly 50 million square meters.

Due to the rising price of raw materials and the slowing growth speed of the market demand, the live environment of automotive glass industry has a dim future. What’s more, most automotive glass manufacturers in China had small scale and some problems about product safety and High-tech products. As a result, these problem blocked up the road for automotive glass walking into the international market. Besides, the global famous manufacturers, such as Continental Glass Co., Ltd., USA PPG and UK Pilkington, gave much pressure to the national manufacturers. Due to the policy of “trade new good for old”, the demand for cars in America began to raise in Q3. once Europe and American countries demand for cars begin to pick up, in the second half year, the export demand for automotive glass will be significantly stimulated.

Sine Q4 in 2008, facing with the problems and difficulties, our company took a series of powerful economic stimulus policies and macro-control measures. In the glass industry, there were over 40 float glass production line stop production and the capacity was reduced 100 million weight cases. But entering 2009, the supply and demand had yet to see significant improvement. From the first quarter of 2009 operating situation, the capacity of flat glass was 136 million weight cases, lower 5.2% than the same period the previous year. Float glass was 113 million weight cases, lower 6.1% than the same period the previous year. Flat glass production and marketing rate was 95.56%. the export of glass was reduced in large scale. Architectural Technology Glass Export value declined 21.3%. but entering into March, there were good lead in the market as a result of national measure of "Expanding domestic demand and maintain growth". Recently, there are no good trade in the real estate situation and market demand. Glass is the last material for construction in the latter of the phrase. the real estate decline affect has not been fully reflected. So it is estimated that the year of 2009 is still a difficult year for glass industry.

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