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VON ARDENNE: PIA|nova - A Composition Of Expertise

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We have combined many years of experience, leading technologies and an industry-proven concept to develop a unique solution: PIA|nova - the flexible machinery platform that will be the basis for the success of your company.

PIA|nova is the answer to many problems in thin-film photovoltaics. Up to now, the dynamic adjustment of production capacities, the different technological prerequisites of the layer systems and a variety of substrate sizes have hindered the use of standard machines for the production of solar cells. PIA|nova is a modular machinery platform which, for the first time, allows VON ARDENNE to offer a standard, yet flexible manufacturing facility for all thin-film photovoltaic applications.
PIA|nova is the core of an intelligent process package integrating modularly upstream and downstream steps. As a leading developer and manufacturer of solar cell equipment, VON ARDENNE has incorporated its superior process expertise, gained from over 100 industry-proven glass coaters, into this concept.
The horizontal sputter system enables the deposition of contact and precursor layers. This effective concept allows constant layer stack improvement and the scaling-up of the coating area. Apart from that, PIA|nova lowers operation costs by using proven rotatable magnetron technology and carrierless transportation.
We are familiar with the demands of the industry and have, therefore, developed a machinery platform that meets economic requirements as well as quality standards. PIA|nova is a modularly expandable system that perfectly suits your business needs. Investing in a PIA|nova means investing in a reliable platform your company can build on.

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