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The price of Automotive glass film will rule-based

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Yesterday, heard from Tianjing Zhongbo, "Auto glass membrane technology standards" and "Architectural glazing Membrane Technology Standards" made by China Association for Standardization and industry experts officially released and implemented by China Association for Standardization.

These standards ruled on the technical Specifications at aspects of light transmittance, heat rate and explosion-proof performance of automotive window film. Recent years, domestic glass film market develops rapidly and now has over 3000 film brands. Because of lack of standards, many defective products streamed into the market, which damaged the interests of consumers. The standard’s implement promoted the market to remove defective products and upgrad qualified products and technology upgrading. Besides, "2009 auto glass repair price system" and "Auto glass repair installation charge management approach" went to the market. This approach laid plans to make the prices of all kinds of glass at home and abroad, including Auto glass repair price, installation and basic standards for work hours and fixed working hours.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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