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Jinjing Technology: Ultra-white glass is gradually emerging strengths

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Jinjing Technology’s future growth will mainly depend of the solar ultra-white glass products. The ultra-white glass researched and developed by Jinjing Technology is a main material for solar cells. This glass’s performance is similar with the products abroad, but its price is lower 30% than theirs.

FirstSolar Company set up solar power stations in the Ordos, which would bring 810 million U.S. dollars of the demand of solar glass. So it would bring 545.5 heavy boxes of ultra-white glass, which will be twice times than the capacity in 2009.

Based on the good prospects in solar energy industry and the strong company’s competitive advantage, besides the recovering ordinary glass and soda ash, the demand in solar energy industry will also promote the company’s development.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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