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YKK AP Celebrates 50 Years in the Architectural Products Industry With U.S. Launch of enerGfacade Family of Products

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“Sustainability is – and always has been – a core philosophy for us. YKK President Tadahiro Yoshida first wrote the Environmental Charter in 1994. Since then YKK AP has continued that commitment through environmentally responsible facilities, and has bettered its performance, producing the most energy-efficient, high quality and value-rich architectural products. As we celebrate 50 years in the architectural products business, we continue to honor that pledge with the launch of enerGfacade,” said Oliver Stepe, senior vice president of YKK AP America.

The enerGfacade family includes several products, including Luminance, ThermaShade and YOW350T. Recognized as a Top 100 Product in June 2009 by Buildings Magazine, the Luminance light shelf system substantially improves interior daylight with highly reflective melamine surfaces which diffuse light deeper into the interior. A unique assembly process includes a 90 degree tilt-down panel feature allowing for the easy maintenance of the light reflecting surface and the glazing above it. When combined with YKK AP’s C2C certified award-winning ThermaShade™ sunshades, Luminance gives architects a complete sun control solution, providing opportunities to earn

The YOW350T is a heavy duty, architectural grade window system that includes a triple glazing feature with integral blinds which provides strong solar heat gain control for structures, such as office buildings, hospitals, schools and condominiums. When used in combination with standard glazing, the YOW350T provides a U-value of .32 in a fixed window option. YKK AP’s MegaTherm® technology is used to provide a thermal break in the YOW350T, which minimizes the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials. This process enables the YOW350T to conserve energy, reduce operating costs and allow the system to have separate interior and exterior finishes to meet design needs.

Stepe continues, “This new family of products effectively communicates our offering of high energy-efficiency products to customers. We have already received a strong response to Luminance, ThermaShade and YOW350T – and are proud of the impact we have made within the industry and to the environment. We look forward to continued success.”

All YKK AP products are created in facilities that are environmentally-friendly and ISO 14001 certified, a standard which reduces the environmental footprint of a business as well as decreases the pollution and waste a business produces. All manufacturing in YKK AP’s Dublin manufacturing plant is vertically integrated, decreasing the amount of waste on-site by ensuring all aluminum materials used within the plant are recycled. This model also enables YKK AP to maintain complete control of quality, delivery and cost.

Photos and specification sheets are available upon request.

About YKK AP America

YKK AP America Inc. manufactures entrances, storefronts, curtain wall, window wall, sunshades, windows and sliding doors for office buildings, residential high-rises, schools, stadiums, shopping centers and institutional structures. It has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for Exceptional Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency. YKK AP America is based in Austell, Ga. It is a subsidiary of YKK Corporation of America, whose parent company is global manufacturer YKK Corporation of Japan. For more information, visit

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