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Glass gets stronger with special coating

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The Property crime rate in Georgia continues to go up, and most of those crooks get away with their crimes. 

In southwest Georgia, businesses have been targeted by thieves looking for an easy smash and grab. In Albany, since January there have been more than three thousand property crimes, like this home break-in in East Albany where thieves smashed a glass door.

Last year, there were more than five-thousand property crimes in the city. Every 15 seconds an American home is broken into, costing homeowners an average of $2,000. 

400,000 Georgia homes were broken into In 2008, and in 97% of the cases, the criminals got in through glass.

A Moultrie man may have found a way to make it more difficult for thieves to get into your business or home.

By itself, plastic doesn't offer much protection, but bind it to a pane of glass and it makes that glass 400 times stronger. It can stop hurricane force winds and keep a bullet from shattering the glass and it could make your home a lot safer.

Imagine glass that won't break when its beaten with a hammer and doesn't shatter in a bomb blast. It's treated with a 3M product designed to withstand a hurricane but a Norman Park mechanical consultant is using it to stop thieves.

"I had a good friend who actually had a home invasion and I started looking at my own home to find out how I could make it safer," said Stephen Wilkes of Wilkes Mechanical Consultants.

It seems simple but this thin plastic reacts in a complicated way to increase protection.

"One of them is actually going to peal off once we get inside here and it's got an epoxy on the back of it and the epoxy actually etches into the glass which means it has a mild acid in it and it actually digs and binds into that glass," said Wilkes.

Business owner Sid Collins' antique store hasn't been broken into, but he's not willing to take the risk. He's having the product installed.

"We want to be as safe as we can. It's very preventative to keep people from breaking in," sad Collins.

Installation doesn't take long and it's the binding agent, sort like caulking material, that holds the glass together, it's virtually tear-proof. You have to have a special set of tool to trim this and it's only available to the distributors.

Once installed it will give Sid Collins peace of mind. Should thieves strike it won't be an easy smash and grab. "It makes you rest and not worry quite as much."

It may also offer a cost savings for business that have been targeted. To replace a window smashed in a robbery its about $450. To coat a single glass door with this material it's about $100, about the third of the price it would cost to put bars over the door.

In Dade County, Florida, a prime hurricane zone, a city ordinance requires all glass to be coated with the 3M material.

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