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Lanzhou Scientists invented self-cleaning glass

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The scientists in Lanzhou compounds institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences invented self-cleaning glass by using the principle of self-cleaning lotus leaf.

Lotus leaf has self-cleaning function that the water droplets e are free to roll away the dust and other dirt. The scientists used this principle to invent self-cleaning glass. So once the glass are installed in the windows, the glass can clean itself like lotus leaf.

Zhang Junyan and his term were inspired by the natural biological and deeply analyzed and discovered that the reason that the lotus leaf can clean by itself was that lotus leaf surface had multi-scale structure and epidermal bio wax. Since porous silicon has excellent biocompatibility, bionic structure with special wetting performance has good prospect in the field of microfluidic devices. People can produce glass by this principle. Now in the demand of the city development, the building will become higher and higher, more and more buildings adopt the overall program of outdoor glass. At present, the way to clean this glass is that the worker are hung and clean the glass. It is not only dangerous but also can not clean clear. If using this self-cleaning glass, the rain can clean the glass, which is safe and convenient.

Now this technology has become a now area in chemical modeling study of biological systems. The research way has important meaning in the aspect of porous film on the construction of multi-scale structure of biomimetic surfaces. This study has received the fund from Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Project" and National Natural Science Foundation.

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