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Shandong Huapeng full of products, welcome the midseason

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Recently, No.2 furnace producing bottles owned by Shandong Huapeng was fired successfully, which marked that Huapeng Company would achieve full capacity and the production would recover to the level before the economic crisis. Under the present economic situation, Shandong Huapeng Co., Ltd. met the demand of the market, caught the chance and seized the market opportunities to be the winner. In this year, the company completed four workshops’ transformation.


Huapeng technical workers summed up the former experience, created innovative design and rebuilt gas producer furnace. They selected the coal for the twice time and made sure the coal particle size, greatly improving the melting temperature. What’s more, some relevant modified form were energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, creating advantages for improving the melting quality and efficiency.


Autumn is harvest season. Shandong Huapeng No.2 furnace was fired successfully which meant that the company was walking into the harvest season.


Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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