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Ordinary Intelligent Glass broad market prospects

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Ordinary glass is easy to be broken by the impact. When scattered, the fragments easily hurt people. The safety of the glass has aroused more and more attention. In such a trend, safety glass, even smart glass have gradually become more and more popular.

The data showed that the safety glass which were used in construction industry and residence, tempered glass took up 50%-71%. In developed countries, insulating glass has taken up over 90%. The insulating glass has energy-saving, noise reduction fuctions.

China Glass Industry has developed quickly, but the demand of high-tech glass products couldn’t follow its increase, such as smart glass. With development of our national economy, the market of intelligent glass is prospect. The manufacturers should base on long-term considerations and strengthen research and development. When the demand reach a certain degree, the manufacturers could fight for market share in fast attack.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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