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BENEQ presents results of new ALD material and new application development

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Beneq, a company providing industrial and R&D equipment and technology for functional coatings, continues its investments in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) material development. Beneq presented recent results of ALD material and new application development at ALD 2009 Conference in Monterey, California in July.

Dr. Matti Putkonen, Senior Scientist of Beneq and Professor at Helsinki University of Technology had oral presentations in the Conference. The presentations can be found in the ALD 2009 Conference proceedings.

Presentations subjects were: M. Putkonen, Beneq Oy “Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Fluoride Thin Films Through Oxide Chemistry” M. Putkonen: Beneq Oy, T. Ishiguro, T. Hara: Taiyo Yuden Co “Highly oxygen sensitive SrTiO3 thin films deposited by ALD” The results of metal fluoride research further strengthen Beneq´s position in optical applications, such as nOPTO™ and also in the ALD equipment market for R&D applications.

Beneq´s R&D Engineer, Ville Malinen, presented a poster “Effects of ALD TiN on the abrasion resistance of three stainless steel grades”. Mr. Malinen is application manager of Beneq nBIOCOMP™. nBIOCOMP™ technologies brings the benefits of ALD to the medical industry.

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