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Xinyi Glass Expanded production capacity to meet the peak season

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Under the situation of short supply and good economic condition, Xinyi Glass Group CEO Dong Qingshi said that the whole glass industry has recovered and upstream product float glass’s price was increased to 2250 yuan/ton. He estimated that the condition would become better and better and he believed that the price would exceed 2380 yuan/ton in 2007, hitting historically high level.

Influenced by financial crisis, in mainland, there were nearly 50 float glass production lines stop production. But with the recovery of the economy, the demand of the market was increased. The Low-E coated glass, double insulating glass and other energy-saving environmental glass got strong demand helped by the government policy. He added, at present, the whole glass industry recovered quickly, especially float glass.

Recently, PV glass production line was put into production in August in Wuhu.  The first line 680,000 square meters/year TCO production line was put into production this month. At the aspect of Architectural Glass, the fourth Low-E glass production line will be put into production in October. The company will pay more attention to TCO and Low-e in future.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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