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the End Fired Furnace for Indian Buyer Proceeds smoothly

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Our company has completed the design of end fired furnace for our Indian buyer. Pragati Glass Pvt.,  Ltd, at the end of last month. The control system and combustion system as well as the furnace equipment has been fabricated well and would be delivered soon. 
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Chongqing Life Furnace Technical Engineering Co., Ltd. (former Chongqing Beibei Life Glass Engineering Co., Ltd.) is located at Beibei District, a national excellent gardenlike city zone, at the foot of Jinyun Mountain and the side of Jialingjiang River. Our company is a 2nd Class furnace engineering company with the examination and approval from the State Ministry of Construction. And as a corporation de facto, we provide the design and construction of glass furnace and other industrial furnaces, processing of advanced refractory materials, automation control, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipments, design and consultation of production process (provide the formula of all kinds of glass products for customers, and solve difficult problems in production).

Science, good quality, high efficiency and innovation are magic weapons for corporation success in the market competition. Premixed port of natural gas, off-center titled throat with the structure of deep refining tank, developed by our engineers and technicians, have improved economic benefits and market competitiveness of manufacturers.

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